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Oligarchy CD - Jewel Case

Image of Oligarchy CD - Jewel Case


Formed in the late 90s, Lycanthia are a Gothic/Death Doom Metal band from Sydney, Australia. Their music can be described as dark, aggressive, emotional soundscapes fused with elements of Classical and Rock. The popularity of Lycanthia's live shows, first full length album "Myriad" and follow up EP, "Within The Walls", established the band in the Australian Metal underground. Lycanthia's latest album "Oligarchy" is receiving rave reviews and regular radio airplay, further cementing their place as pioneers of the genre.

1. The Essential Components Of Misery
2. Eternity...
3. Forgone
4. Ablaze The Wheel Turns
5. Despondency In Crescendo
6. Time Feeds This Wound
7. Hair Of The Beast
8. From Ancestral Lands